Stay on top of 2017 Commerce Trends

“eMarketer FYI" is part of your subscription to the eMarketer Daily Newsletter. ========================== Bronto Software Stay on top of 2017 Commerce Trends. 2017 Commerce Trends In the world of commerce marketing, it’s imperative to be aware of developing trends to stay ahead of the competition, improve the customer journey and deliver solid returns with your campaigns. Download this research report to get more valuable insights and advice to help you win this growing global competition. DOWNLOAD NOW This report examines key commerce trends that are on the horizon for 2017, including: • Use of virtual reality for pioneering digital shopping experiences. • Emergence of cost-effective personalised browse recovery technology. • A more thoughtful approach to omnichannel marketing. • Advantages of global commerce and how to thrive in our ever-connected world. ========================== “eMarketer FYI" sponsored mailings are strictly controlled and distributed by eMarketer. To unsubscribe from future “eMarketer FYI" mailings or to manage your email preference: will not affect your subscription to the eMarketer Daily Newsletter (©2017 eMarketer, 11 Times Square, New York, NY 10036 800-405-0844Privacy Policy: This email was sent to If you no longer wish to receive these emails you may unsubscribe here: